Adding a Footer to All Sent Emails

In FuseDesk you can easily append an email footer / signature to all emails sent from a department. To get started, head to Departments under Settings and choose the department you'd like to edit. Under Email Footer click Add Footer to add a footer or, if you already have a footer created, click Edit Footer. [...]

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Renaming a Department

To change the name of a department in FuseDesk, head to Departments under Settings and click the name of the department you want to rename. At the bottom of the department editor is a Rename Department button. Click Rename Department and enter a new department name to change the name of your department. Renaming vs. [...]

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Favorites in FuseDesk

FuseDesk allows you to quickly and easily find your favorite case tags, email templates, note templates, Infusionsoft tags, Infusionsoft legacy Action Sets, and more right where you need them most without having to search for or scroll to what you need. Favorites in FuseDesk can be set both at the department level as well as [...]

MasterMind Call: December, 2016

On this month's call, we discussed: Personalized Support Best Practices; NEW! Advanced Automation Rules; NEW! Slack Integration; NEW! Case Tag Management; Strategic Planning for 2017 Note Template Ideas Phone Call Scripts Procedural Checklists Frequently Used Notes (like "Left Voicemail…") Strategic Planning (Free Gift) On this call, our guest speaker Laura Posey, shared best practices [...]

Kaizen and Continuous Never Ending Improvement

Join us for a short walk down Kaizen Road where we'll explore a recent journey we had in rolling out new case queue stats... One of our core values is Kaizen, the practice of Continual, Never Ending, Improvement. When we train customer support teams and managers, we often talk about the reports that matter most being [...]

MasterMind Call: January, 2016

On this month's call we covered: Searching like a Pro, Advanced Case Search, WordPress Plugin Updates, Case Review Best Practices, FuseDesk LIVE, and Your LIVE Q&A! Basic Searches Mentioned during the call were these great examples of searches that you can try from the sidebar: Bob (name starts with Bob) B S (first name starts with B, last with S) [...]

MasterMind Call: May, 2014

On this month's call we covered: Mastering Inbound Email Automation; Leveraging the Power of Departments; Inbound HTML Only Emails; Forwarding Emails into FuseDesk; and Automating Appointment Scheduling. * This is available in HD. After you click play, click the gear icon at the bottom of the player and choose HD. Kick it up a notch [...]