Can The Right HelpDesk Keep Your Members with You Longer?

See How the Infusionsoft Masters of Membership are leveraging THE Help Desk Add-On for Infusionsoft to outmaneuver, outrun and leave their competitors in the dust.

“Jeremy and his team at FuseDesk provide rock solid support, tools and training to help with implementation. They make it easy for our team to open, assign, update, and respond to client support needs while integrating with Infusionsoft. And as important,with just a few clicks we can pull reports that are important including progress, response times, and more, that all feed into enhancing the quality of our client experience.”

– Dan Kuschell, CEO, Joe Polish’s Piranha Marketing

FuseDesk Helps Membership Site Businesses just like yours.

Reduce returns, refunds, and chargebacks. Increase Customer Lifetime Value. Keep your members with you longer.

Infusionsoft Automation. Simply.

Empower your support team to service your members with ease and without ever jumping into Infusionsoft. Right from within FuseDesk, you can apply Infusionsoft Tags and run Infusionsoft Automation in Campaign Builder to upgrade members, cancel memberships, downgrade memberships, add cancelled members to a reactivation campaign, and more.

Leverage Infusionsoft Templates

With the power of Infusionsoft templates, merge fields, and automation links, your team can quickly respond back to customers with their membership site login information, membership upgrade information, membership cancellation save offers, and more.

Retain New Members

When a new member reaches out to your team, they expect an answer sooner rather than later and if they don’t hear back right away, new buyers often get cold fee and the start of the dreaded “Buyers Remorse”.

Our configurable colored “gemstones” on the side of FuseDesk show you at a glance which departments and reps are staying on top of their cases and where help might be needed.

 Built for YOUR Membership Site Platform

Memberium Support Ticketing Infusionsoft
WishList Member Infusionsoft Help Desk
Customer Hub Help Desk Infusionsoft

Membership Site Integrated

With FuseDesk’s free WordPress plugin, your members can easily create a new case just by typing their question in.

Even better, if we find a post that you member has access to on your site that might answer their question, we provide them a link directly to the post saving your team from answering common questions you’ve already answered!

Rich Reports Provide Insight

“What Gets Measured Get’s Done” – Peter Drucker

With FuseDesk’s suite of reports, you can easily see how quickly your member requests are getting assigned, responded to, and resolved. You can track how satisfied your customers are. You can even spot trends between reps or departments.

Reports can event be exported, saved, or added directly into your third party dashboards!

Turn Customer Service into a Profit Center

FuseDesk’s powerful Email Rules, Templating and Infusionsoft Automation allow your team to turn service into a profit center.

Convert more prospects to paying customers faster and more easily. Save cancellations with properly crafted retention offers. Direct past-due members directly to your billing team. Upsell existing members.

Empower your team with the power of FuseDesk today!

Claim Your FREE All-Access Fully-Functional FuseDesk Demo App TODAY!

But don’t just take our word for it…

Yesterday I felt like I was in customer support hell. Today I have a glimpse of paradise. I had been praying for a vision of what good customer support would be like and today I got it.”

That’s from a soon-to-be-former Z*****k-using Customer Support Manager one day after being walked through FuseDesk.

FuseDesk caught my eye and I’ve fallen in love in implementation. More importantly, my client’s Customer Support Manager has fallen in love. She sees the huge gains over Z*****k – the bulk replies, the immediate access to the contact record, the access to Infusionsoft email templates.

Not only is her life getting easier before her eyes, but we can see how we can deliver sub-hour response times with quickly-trained CS staff for the first time ever.

And I, as the Infusionsoft Certified Consultant, expect our next launch to go waaaay better because people will be getting fast responses and our CS staff won’t be overwhelmed when I generate 10,000 leads.

XOXO Brian Keith, Infusionsoft Certified Consultant Who Looks Really Smart To His Client

Better Service = Happier Members

Happier Members stay with you longer, buy more, increase their Customer Lifetime Value, and refer more friends.

Empower your support team with FuseDesk and sleep better knowing your customers are cared for.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does FuseDesk Integrate with my Membership Site?

If your Membership site talks to Infusionsoft, then YES! We have a free WordPress plugin that links up your WordPress based membership site directly to your FuseDesk app. If you’re on another platform, a simple web form is all it takes for members or prospects to open new cases.

We integrate wonderfully with Memberium, iMember360, WishList, WisP, and Customer Hub.

How does FuseDesk work with Infusionsoft?

FuseDesk was built for, on top of, and around Infusionsoft and integrates deeply. For example, your team logs into FuseDesk using their InfusionsoftID and password, all contact data is linked to Infusionsoft, your team can access Infusionsoft templates, tags, automation, and more! Take a deeper look Inside FuseDesk to learn more.

Will this work for my virtual team?

Yes! FuseDesk works great with virtual teams. With our Team Presence, everyone can see who on your team is online, on a call, wrapping up a call, or offline at any given moment. You can also see what each team member is up to and with the Recent Activity Feed, support managers and business owners can keep an eye on the live play-by-play of support activity. Times are event relative which keeps things clear in any timezone around the world.

How much does FuseDesk cost?

FuseDesk is billed per seat and ranges from $59/mo down to $39/mo per seat used. You only need one seat per team member handling cases in FuseDesk, so not everyone in your firm will need a seat.

Check out FuseDesk Plans and Pricing to learn more.

How much does FuseDesk cost to try? Can I get a demo?

FuseDesk is FREE to try with no credit card required and no time limit!