In 2009, FuseDesk Founder, Jeremy Shapiro, was launching a new business built on Infusionsoft and sought to do things differently in the industry by committing to excellent customer service.

Providing great service requires great people, a solid system, and a way to “measure success.”

After trying a dozen of the “top” solutions in the marketplace, there was always at least one critical puzzle piece missing in each option.

For example…

  • There were terrible help desks that were challenging to use.
  • There were great help desks but they didn’t integrate to Infusionsoft.
  • There were integrations for Infusionsoft that were terrible help desks.
  • There were mediocre desks but they were challenging for customers and reps to use.

“What if…”, Jeremy pondered, “we created a help desk built FOR Infusionsoft that was easy for the team to use, provided the key metrics us business owners need, and allowed us to delight our customers?”

What If indeed...

Jeremy floated the idea past fellow peers and Infusionsoft customers at a high-end Mastermind Group that he was a part of and there was a resounding response of “if you build an integrated help desk for Infusionsoft, we want it, too!”

And with that, FuseDesk was born.

Since its humble beginnings, FuseDesk has matured into a leading stand alone Help Desk – no longer just an Add-On for Infusionsoft – and continues to innovate, lead by example, and delight both it’s customers and it’s customers’ customers.