Your Support Team is your Front Line

The less time your team wastes jumping up and back between multiple systems, the more time they can spend helping your customers and enjoying what they do!

FuseDesk LoginSync

With our LoginSync technology, your Customer Support Team can instantly log into FuseDesk using their CRM email and password. No need to set up users manually in FuseDesk and no new passwords for your team!

As you grow, new reps quickly and easily learn two simple screens in FuseDesk and they’re off and running without needing to learn all the ins and outs of Infusionsoft.

Leverage Powerful Templates

Access all of your existing CRM templates right inside of FuseDesk, create new custom email reply templates to handle your most frequently asked questions, and leverage note templates for commonly used notes and tasks.

Using powerful merge fields, you can personalize your emails, include custom fields such as a customer’s username and password to access a membership site, embed automation links so you can track who clicks on the links you include and more.

Automate your CRM right from a support ticket

Leverage the full power of your CRM by running automations on a contact right from FuseDesk. Need to cancel a subscription, untag someone as a current customer, tag someone as a past customer, remove their site access, and add them to a reactivation campaign? Easy! One Click runs an automation AND saves the results to their case history.

Easier System = Happier Team

The easier a system is for your team to learn and use, and the more your team can leverage, the less time they waste, the more they can focus on your customers, and the happier they are.

Happier Support Teams work harder, handle more cases, and take better care of your customers.

The first and only helpdesk you’ll ever need.

Focus on your customers, not your software. Try FuseDesk absolutely free. No credit cards. No time limit. No obligations. You’re going to love FuseDesk, the new way to helpdesk.