FuseDesk wouldn’t be what it is today without our incredible team.

Jeremy Shapiro

Jeremy is our Founder. He recognized the need for a help desk that would deeply integrate with Keap and Infusionsoft by Keap all the way back in 2009. Since then he’s grown FuseDesk to thousands of users, each cared for by a fantastic Customer Delight Team. When Jeremy is not FuseDesking, he’s starting other companies (check out FeedBolt!), and hanging out/traveling the world with his beautiful wife and two little ones. Or winning hardcore cycling events.

Kiera Lacy

Kiera is our Chief Ringleader and oversees the FuseDesk team day-to-day from her ranch in Montana. When not leading the team, Kiera’s life consists of chasing kids, finding bear, playing with puppies, enjoying the mountains and being an all around life loving human.

Front End Developer

BD is our senior front-end developer who planned and executed a huge overhaul of all things FuseDesk in 2017 so we could get to work in 2018 building bigger and better things for our customers. As a result, you’ve seen new features like Live Chat for FuseDesk. For the first couple years BD was with us, he was traveling all over South America, but now he’s back home with his family.

Attila Kovacs
Front End Developer

Attila is the newest front-end developer to join our team. He’s the one responsible for all the new Automations in FuseDesk. He makes sure that we all stay on task during our dev stand up calls, and has a pragmatic outlook that helps to ground our development in realistic goals and timelines. When Attila is not coding even cooler features in FuseDesk, he can be found spending time with his wife and son or jamming with his band.

Bernardo Mosquea
Bernardo Mosquea
Customer Delight

Bernie is likely the first person you’ll connect with when reaching out to our Customer Delight team!

Kris Kaplan
Kris Kaplan

Kris brings her 25+ years of bookkeeping, accounting, and tax experience to the table as she heads up our accounting team. Kris escaped snowy Maryland to explore the beaches and Tiki bars of Florida with her hubby and is the mastermind behind the “Florida Coconut” cocktail.

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