Giving Forward and having a positive Impact in the world is important to us here at FuseDesk.

In addition to time and resources, we also contribute financially to a number of meaningful organizations that are doing well in the world and helping individuals, families, and businesses to grow and flourish.

1% For The Planet

One Percent for the Planet Member

Beyond a long history of supporting great causes, FuseDesk is proud to be an official Member of 1% For The Planet –  a global network of businesses, nonprofits and individuals working together for a healthy planet.

Members commit to contributing a minimum of 1% of gross revenue to cause partners around the planet. Together, members have contributed more than $200 Million dollars to date.

In 2018 alone, we members donated over $25 Million to 1,700 environmental non-profits around the planet.

Featured Cause Partners

Some of our featured Cause Partners include:

Village Enterprise

Village Enterprise

Village Enterprise’s mission is to equip people living in extreme poverty with the resources to create sustainable businesses. They envision a world free of extreme poverty and chronic hunger where people have the means to sustain their families.

By increasing incomes and savings in a sustainable way, the rural poor can meet their families’ daily needs and alleviate the poverty their children are experiencing. By meeting their children’s basic needs today and increasing their level of education, future generations will be able to break out of the cycle of poverty.

Since 1987, Village Enterprise has developed a cost-effective, innovative, and high-impact solution. Over 43,000 businesses have been started by 169,000 new entrepreneurs, helping to bring over 940,000 individuals out of extreme poverty. Even more impressive, 75% of their businesses are still in operations after 4 years.

Find out more about Village Enterprise and see how you can help today.

American Himalayan Foundation

American Himalayan Foundation

The American Himalayan Foundation (AHF) is dedicated to helping the people and the ecology of the Himalaya.

The Himalaya is a magic place where the magnificence of the world’s highest mountains is mirrored in the rugged beauty and unique culture of the people who live in their shadow. But these people often live without basic health care and education. Economic pressures have forced environmental degradation. And traditional ways of life are disappearing.

AHF was founded to respond to these pressing problems. What they do is basic: they make change – positive, tangible change – happen. They build and support schools and students; train doctors and fund hospitals; care for children and elders; plant trees and restore sacred sites. They help Tibetans rebuild and sustain their culture both in exile and in Tibet.

AHF supports projects that are on a human scale and directly benefit people. They deeply respect their local partners and the AHFs work responds to the priorities and concerns of local partners and AHF projects always involve local commitment and community participation.

Every year, AHF touches the lives of 300,000 Sherpas, Nepalis and Tibetans throughout the Himalaya.

Find out more about the American Himalayan Foundation and see how you can help today.

FuseDesk Plans for Cause Partners

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