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FuseDesk - THE Help Desk for Infusionsoft

Reduce Returns, Refunds, and Chargebacks. Increase Customer Lifetime Value, Retention, and WOW

FuseDesk helps you and your team WOW your customers with great service. Happy Customers stay with you longer, spend more, and spread the good word about your business.

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THE Help Desk Add-On for Keap and Infusionsoft®

FuseDesk was built for Your Business, Your Support Team, and Your Customers. With FuseDesk, it’s easy to get the key insights into how well your team is doing, delightful for the support team to use, and fast for customers to get care.

For Your Business

FuseDesk was built by Entrepreneurs for fellow Business Owners to finally have a support linked to Keap and Infusionsoft that provided the key metrics and insights so critical to running a business. With powerful reporting, business owners can see at a glance how the team is doing, how happy customers are, and what needs attention.

For Your Support Team

With our LoginSync technology, your Customer Support Team can instantly log into FuseDesk using their Keap or InfusionsoftID and password. No need to set up users manually in FuseDesk and no new passwords for your team! As you grow, new reps quickly and easily learn two simple screens in FuseDesk and they’re off and running without needing to learn all the ins and outs of Keap or Infusionsoft.

For Your Customers

Customers can get the help they need with ease. By simply replying back to your outbound emails, auto responders, receipts, and campaign emails, a ticket can be created and your team can resolve the issue. Using our free WordPress plugin, customers can easily open a case directly from your membership site or website. You can also use our API, Keap and Infusionsoft web forms, Campaign Builder and more to easily create new tickets. The best part is that your customers don’t need to create an account, “respond above this line”, or “do this, don’t do that.” Your customers ask for help, and your team takes care of them!

FuseDesk was Built for Keap and Infusionsoft from the Start

Discover how you and your support team can take care of your customers easier than ever with FuseDesk for Keap and Infusionsoft

Leverage Keap and Infusionsoft Automation

Easily tag contacts right from within FuseDesk to kick off automation in Keap or Infusionsoft. In addition to all case emails, chats, call logs, and notes being stored in Keap or Infusionsoft, all automation history is stored right on each case in FuseDesk!

LoginSync with Keap or InfusionsoftID

Easily log into FuseDesk using your Keap or InfusionsoftID. No need to remember yet another password. If you remove a team member from Keap or Infusionsoft, they can no longer log into FuseDesk and new Keap and Infusionsoft users can immediately log into FuseDesk!

Powerful Infusionsoft Templates

All of your Infusionsoft templates are available in FuseDesk allowing your team to quickly respond to customers using powerful Infusionsoft merge fields, custom fields, automation links, and more!

That’s just the start of how FuseDesk can help you and your support team

  • All Notes Stored in Keap/Infusionsoft

  • Case Emails Stored in Infusionsoft

  • At-a-Glance Color Coded Queues

  • Access all Infusionsoft Templates

  • Leverage Infusionsoft Mergefields

  • Reduce Returns, and Refunds

  • Save Time with Bulk Replies

  • Instantly See Contacts on a Case

  • One-Click to Infusionsoft Contact

  • Easily Run Infusionsoft Automation

  • Quickly Tag Infusionsoft Contacts

  • Case Tags for Easy Organization

  • Powerful Email Rule Automation

  • Voicemails Auto-Converted to Cases

  • Answering Service Emails Auto-Linked

  • Organize Cases by Departments

  • Department Specific Templates

  • Reps can Specialize by Department

  • Integrate Directly into WordPress

  • Easily Merge and Split Cases

  • Live Updating Recent Activity

  • Easy to Read Customer Emails

  • Send and Receive File Attachments

  • Transfer and Escalate Cases

  • Track First Response Times

  • Report on Case Resolution Times

  • Track Customer Satisfaction Ratings

  • Easily Review Customer Feedback

  • Export all Reports in CSV or JSON

  • Rich API For Custom Solutions

  • Expandable and Grows with You

  • Easy to Understand Per-Seat Billing

  • Upgrade or Downgrade Any Time

  • No Cost to Open An Account

  • Three Simple Steps to a Free Demo

  • Demo Accounts are Fully Functional

One-Click Access to Keap/Infusionsoft Automation and Action Sets

Leverage the full power of Keap and Infusionsoft by running automation and action sets on a contact right from FuseDesk. Need to cancel a subscription, untag someone as a current customer, tag someone as a past customer, remove their site access, and add them to a reactivation campaign? Easy! One Click runs an action set AND saves the results of the action set to their case history.

Access All Your Existing Templates

Access all of your existing Keap and Infusionsoft templates right inside of FuseDesk and create new custom reply templates to handle your most frequently asked questions. Using the powerful mergefields and automation links built into Keap/Infusionsoft, you can personalize your emails, include custom fields such as a customer’s username and password to access a membership site, embed automation links so you can track who clicks on the links you include and more.

Goodbye to Time-Wasting Endless Copying and Pasting

With third-party support systems, if you are tracking the cases in Keap or Infusionsoft, too, this typically involves your support team opening a case, copying the email address to their clipboard, going to Keap/Infusionsoft, searching for the contact, looking up the history, copying the original email, pasting it into Keap/Infusionsoft, copying a template, pasting it into the support desk, copying mergefields, pasting them into the case reply, copying the reply, pasting it into Keap/Infusionsoft, and so much more. FuseDesk handles all of this automagically behind the scenes so say goodbye to time-wasting copying and pasting!

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What Else? Powerful Reporting to Provide Measurable Insights

At a glance, you’ll know who on the support team is taking care of cases – and who’s letting them fall through the cracks. With one click access to live updating recent activity, you can assure that company messaging is on track, and that team replies are helping customers in the best way possible. Add to that our powerful reporting engine to view case volume, assignment times, response times, resolution times, and more, and couple that with our one-click data export, you have access to all of your key metrics both in and out of FuseDesk.

Rules and Automation for Handling Inbound Emails

Automatically organize incoming emails from customers! With powerful email rules and automation, emails for one of your brands or product lines can automatically be assigned to the right department, or email that include a certain keyword can be automatically routed to a particular person. Think of the possibilities of automatically responding to requests for lost passwords, running action sets, creating Keap/Infusionsoft opportunity records, applying tags, starting or stopping a follow up sequence, and so much more – all from just one email!

Automatically Assign Emails from VIP Clients to VIP Support


Automatically Respond to Emails about Webinar Replays


Automatically Assign Emails from Past Due Clients to Billing


Multiple Departments and Brands

FuseDesk supports multiple Departments to allow your team to specialize, review key metrics by department, setup branded templates for each department, and organize your cases by brand, product line, or internal department.

Sample Internal Departments

  • Support
  • Sales
  • Affiliates

Sample Departments for Brands

  • ABC Widget Co
  • Widget Service, Inc
  • Acme Training

Sample Product Line Departments

  • Live Events
  • Mastermind
  • Products

We ♥ YOU – Our FuseDesk Family

The FuseDesk Team is here to support YOU and your team. From our developers to our trainers to our support team and beyond, our mission is to Empower Entrepreneurs’ Commitment to Excellence with THE Integrated Help Desk Add-On for Keap and Infusionsoft.

The FuseDesk Team

Don’t Just Take Our Word For It

We love hearing great feedback from customers like you with businesses like yours. We could tell you how great FuseDesk is, but we think our happy customers say it better than we could!

Ryan Deiss“FuseDesk is the ultimate platform for automating the post sale customer experience for any Infusionsoft user.”

Ryan Deiss, Digital Marketer

FuseDesk is the back-bone of Customer Support. Utilizing FuseDesk, we reduced our return rate from 18.3% to 10.0%. On a $3.4m launch, that’s $282,200 in saved sales. If you are in this business and don’t use FuseDesk, you are inefficient, give poor customer service and are missing out on a sure winner!
Ed Diamond, Diamond Law Center
We had terrible customer service; client questions went into black holes. We had unhappy clients and refunds. That all dramatically changed when we implemented FuseDesk! In fact, we constantly get rave reviews for customer service. ROI is equally important and FuseDesk allows us to handle over 5,000 customers with one support person.
Mike Weiss
We absolutely love FuseDesk and client satisfaction is through the roof since we switched to using it from using our previous system. The reporting gets a lot of use internally and FuseDesk is working so well that we require all client communications go through it.
Brett Warner, Pew Law Center
Jeremy and his team at FuseDesk provide rock solid support, tools and training to help with implementation. They make it easy for our team to open, assign, update, and respond to client support needs while integrating with our CRM platform. And as important, with just a few clicks we can pull reports that are important including progress, response times, and more, that all feed into enhancing the quality of our client experience.
Dan Kuschell, CEO, Piranha Marketing
We were looking for a seamless solution for our Sales Reps and Customer Service Associates to use. When we heard about FuseDesk we immediately implemented it. The results have been nothing but amazing. Not to mention it’s very easy to use and to implement.
Darcy Juarez, Director Of Marketing, GKIC Insider's Circle

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