Get your team trained in customer support best practices live and in person at your offices with a FuseDesk Trainer on-site.

Our On-Site Training helps your team to:

  • Prepare for a product launch or system upgrade
  • Learn how to WOW customers with proven best practices
  • Measure how well cases are handled with our FuseDesk Case Review Checklist
  • Implement return and refund reduction best practices
  • Customize FuseDesk to your company and brands
  • Role play common customer service scenarios

What to Expect:

Your Trainer will connect with you or your customer support management team by phone ahead of the on-site to go through our training prep process and customize the training to meet the needs of your team.

Training runs either 4 or 7 hours depending on the size of the team. Larger support teams may have half the team train in the morning and the other half train in the afternoon, for example.

Each rep will receive a workbook and a certificate of completion after completing training.

Support managers will receive a support manager’s workbook and certificate of completion after completing the training.

On-Site Training Pricing

On-Site Training pricing varies by engagement, but is typically available starting at $7,500 + $150/rep + travel costs.


To check on availability – or if we’ll be in your area soon – please tell us more about your Training needs below:

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On Site Training
FuseDesk Founder, Jeremy Shapiro, training a customer support team on site before a product launch.
On Site Training
FuseDesk Founder, Jeremy Shapiro, running a customized training for a classroom of 65