Creating New Cases with the FuseDesk WordPress Plugin

Once you've installed FuseDesk's free WordPress plugin, to allow folks to open a new support case, use the [fusedesk_newcase] shortcode on a page. This will display a form to create a new case. [fusedesk_newcase] works perfectly by itself, but also supports the following optional parameters: department: The ID of the department to assign the case [...]

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Why does FuseDesk need my InfusionsoftID, Password and API Key?

Each time that you log into FuseDesk, we'll ask you to login using your InfusionsoftID and Infusionsoft Password. The first time that you log into FuseDesk, we'll also ask you for your Infusionsoft API Key which allows us to behind the scenes access your Infusionsoft app and save incoming emails on cases, notes on cases, [...]

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Email Forwarding with Microsoft Office 365

To setup email forwarding with Microsoft Office 365, follow these simple steps: Log in to your Exchange Admin Center. In the Recipients section, click Contacts. Click the Plus Sign (+) to add a New Contact For the Display Name, enter FuseDesk For the External Email Address, enter where YOURAPPNAME is the name of your FuseDesk/Infusionsoft app Click [...]

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Why is my Infusionsoft API Key invalid?

If you're getting errors about your Infusionsoft API Key being invalid, there are a few things that could be causing this issue. First, make sure that you have an Encrypted API key set in your Infusionsoft application. In Infusionsoft, navigate to Admin | Settings, click on Application on the left, and scroll down to Encrypted [...]

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Installing FuseDesk’s free WordPress Plugin

FuseDesk works beautifully with your WordPress site and helps your website visitors easily open new support tickets directly into FuseDesk. If you are using a supported Membership Site like iMember360, Wishlist, Memberium, or WisP, we'll even pre-fill in all the members information so they just have to write their question. And... logged in members can view [...]

Upgrading from to FuseDesk for Infusionsoft

After you launch your FuseDesk App, you can easily import your previous case history, departments, and contacts from Any contacts that are attached to cases will be added to your Infusionsoft application. All of your departments will then be created in FuseDesk. And lastly, all of your cases and case history including notes and emails will [...]

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How do I Import Data to FuseDesk from another Help Desk?

You can easily import your data into FuseDesk from other help desk applications. Currently, importing into FuseDesk is supported from: […]

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How do I change my profile photo in FuseDesk?

Your profile photo can easily be updated by editing your preferences and clicking the link to update your photo. Your photo shows up in case history and through the application to represent you, and your team will love seeing your smiling face throughout FuseDesk! To edit your profile, either click on Settings and Preferences, or [...]

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Setting an Outbound CallerID

When you call an Infusionsoft contact via FuseDesk, you’ll need to have an outbound CallerID setup. Outbound CallerIDs are set on a department by department basis. Your CallerID can be your company’s main number, a department or brand specific number, or anything you like. […]

How Do I Ignore Receipts Using Email Rules?

One of the most powerful automations in FuseDesk is the ability to run automation on inbound emails.  Some emails - like receipts - aren't support related emails and shouldn't be coming into your support queue. There are two ways to handle these "non case" emails so you and your team can stay focused on actual customer inquiries. [...]

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