Automatically Ignored Emails in FuseDesk

To help you focus on actual emails from real prospects and customers, we have a number of built in automatic filters in FuseDesk to detect and ignore auto-responders, auto-generated emails, and out of office like emails. Any emails that look like these kind of automated emails will be discarded into the Trash for you. Specifically, [...]

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Creating New Cases with the FuseDesk WordPress Plugin

Once you've installed FuseDesk's free WordPress plugin, to allow folks to open a new support case, use the [fusedesk_newcase] shortcode on a page. This will display a form to create a new case. [fusedesk_newcase] works perfectly by itself, but also supports the following optional parameters: department: The ID of the department to assign the case [...]

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Email Forwarding with Microsoft Office 365

To setup email forwarding with Microsoft Office 365, follow these simple steps: Log in to your Exchange Admin Center. In the Recipients section, click Contacts. Click the Plus Sign (+) to add a New Contact For the Display Name, enter FuseDesk For the External Email Address, enter where YOURAPPNAME is the name of your FuseDesk/Infusionsoft app Click [...]

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Why is my Infusionsoft API Key invalid?

If you're getting errors about your Infusionsoft API Key being invalid, there are a few things that could be causing this issue. First, make sure that you have an Encrypted API key set in your Infusionsoft application. In Infusionsoft, navigate to Admin | Settings, click on Application on the left, and scroll down to Encrypted [...]

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Installing FuseDesk’s free WordPress Plugin

FuseDesk works beautifully with your WordPress site and helps your website visitors easily open new support tickets directly into FuseDesk. If you are using a supported Membership Site like iMember360, Wishlist, Memberium, or WisP, we'll even pre-fill in all the members information so they just have to write their question. And... logged in members can view [...]