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Live Chat Automation in FuseDesk

If you'd like to automatically greet visitors on your website with custom live chat messages, you can create a FuseDesk Automation to do just that! Head on over to Automations under Settings and click to Add New. Select "A visitor is on your site" as the When, enter a Name for your Automation and then click [...]

Editing Automations in FuseDesk

When you click in to edit an Automation in FuseDesk, you are primarily going to be editing the conditions and actions for the automation. You can also easily rename your automation, clone (copy) your automation, and delete the automation. When all of the conditions of your automation are met, all of the actions of your [...]

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Automations in FuseDesk

Automations in FuseDesk allow you to automate everything from case assignments to workflows. Simply create an automation and customize it to your needs and let FuseDesk do the heavy lifting for you! To create a new Automation from the Automations page, click the New Automation button, name your automation, and choose your automation type. From there [...]

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Automations for Unassigned Emails

When an email comes into your FuseDesk account, if it’s not part of an existing case and it’s not a generic auto-response, you have the option of running the email through Automations that you create to decide how to handle the email. If you’re an Administrator for your account, click on over to Automations under Settings [...]