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Connecting Twitter to FuseDesk

Easily connect Twitter to FuseDesk so that you can chat on-one-on with your prospects and customers over Twitter Direct Message (DM). Twitter is available for FuseDesk Enterprise apps. Adding an Account To add Twitter to your FuseDesk app, head to Settings, Chat Settings, and click on Create New... for Twitter. You'll be redirected to Twitter [...]

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Data Retention and Privacy Settings in FuseDesk

FuseDesk PRO and Enterprise plans can configure Data Retention Settings in FuseDesk to control when certain kinds of data is automatically archived, anonymized, and deleted. Five data objects are currently supported, specifically Cases, Chats, Reps, Contacts, and Emails. These three steps - Archival, Anonymization, and Deletion - happen, if configured, in that specific order. You [...]

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FuseDesk Merge Fields for Templates

In addition to your Contact and LoggedInUser Merge fields in FuseDesk, you can also leverage a number of powerful FuseDesk specific Merge Fields in your email and note templates. Specifically: ~FuseDesk.CaseNumber~: The case number of the case, for example "ABCD1234" ~FuseDesk.CaseId.~: The case ID of the case, an integer. This is what you'd use for [...]

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Connecting Facebook Messenger to FuseDesk

Ready to connect Facebook Messenger to your FuseDesk App? FuseDesk's native Facebook Messenger integration allows your customers and prospects to message your Facebook Pages and get the support they deserve right from your team in FuseDesk. When a new message comes in to a connected Facebook Page, a Chat will be created in FuseDesk. Your [...]

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Importing Email Templates into FuseDesk

If you have created an email template in Infusionsoft / Keap and you'd like to import it into FuseDesk, you can do so easily from the Email Template Editor. Head into Settings, Templates, and then Email Templates. From there, click on the Import button. You'll now see a list of all templates in your CRM [...]