Loyalty – It’s a Two Way Street

When we're speaking about business, if you ask people to fill in the blank of ______ loyalty, they'll say "Customer Loyalty" nine times out of ten.  But what's even more important is a company's loyalty, as it is a necessity in order to build an organization worthy of its customers' loyalty. Image by Nick [...]

Setting the Standard: A Lowe’s Employee Sits Down

A woman in Wilkesboro, North Carolina is the proud owner of Baxter, a special needs rescue dog.  Baxter requires the assistance of a doggy wheelchair and, when his owner, Amy Jo Martin, decided to upgrade his chair with an anti-tip wheel, she headed to Lowe's for ideas as well as parts. Ms. Martin asked at [...]

Businesses’ New Battle Ground

As customers' buying behavior rapidly changes, businesses are constantly encountering new competitors.  It used to be that brick and mortar stores predominately competed with other brick and mortar retailers, but online retailers are increasingly competing for customers' attention and dollars (and vice versa) as the lines between the two categories blur.  So what can companies [...]

Mixing Corporate Culture With Service

When we think of industries that have phenomenal customer service, airlines may not be what immediately comes to mind.  However, JetBlue has made it their mission to ensure their customers have not only an excellent travel experience, but an excellent time interacting with their various customer service teams.  They do so by carrying their commitment [...]

How to Fix a Customer Mistake

There are certainly a good number of cases that come through customer service because customers' errors have created problems for them or another company has dropped the ball, leaving them in a bind. They then reach out to us, hoping that something can be done in order to fix the situation. While not every case [...]

But I Could Never Go Viral

We've all seen them: the stories of outstanding customer service that hit social media and suddenly grow to an audience of epic proportions.  It's fantastic and it's fun, but it seems unattainable.  The customer service equivalent of hitting the lottery.  And we may blame our heretofore lack of viral-worthy opportunities on our perception that our [...]

They’ll Pick You (or your baby) Up

When people are asked to list off industries from which they expect great customer service, car rental companies might not be on the shortlist.  But the opportunities for excellent customer service abound and great customer service employees, like John Goodlett, know it. This summer, Coty Vincent was the victim of a traffic accident at the [...]

Ways to be a Company with Compassion

Have you ever had a meeting where you and your team has tried to come up with ways to do something great for your customers and had a hard time coming up with ideas? An easier solution may be to find inspiration in your customers and their stories rather than a big campaign push to [...]

Does Your Company Have One of These?

In every one of our companies, we have people who are assigned to customer service. Their responsibilities cover things like customer inquiries, requests for support, fielding complaints, remedying problems, and responding to electronic correspondence. If our team is already doing all of these things well, is our job done? Not if we want to position [...]

Can Bad Service Spell Disaster?

Photo courtesy of Stu Pendousmat Is customer service THAT important? Could poor customer service bring down a well-known brand that had worked so hard to establish itself? Could one customer-service snafu lead to bankruptcy? The answer to all three questions is, “yes.” And all three questions are answered by examining the demise of what [...]