You Deserve to Know How Well Your Team is Doing

Gain insights into the key metrics that matter most, see how well your team is taking care of your customers, and spot areas that need attention fast.

Rich Reports Provide Insight

“What Gets Measured Get’s Done” – Peter Drucker

With FuseDesk’s suite of reports, easily see how quickly cases are getting assigned, responded to, and resolved. Measure how satisfied your customers are. Spot trends between reps or departments.

Export and share your reports or add them directly into your third party dashboards!

FuseDesk Help Desk Reports for Business Owners
FuseDesk Feedback and Rating System for Business Owners

Feedback and Ratings

FuseDesk’s powerful Feedback and Rating System automatically follows up with your customers after a case is resolved to see how well they felt it was handled.

Your customers rate the case and optionally leave feedback. Quickly see who on your team needs some kudos and identify where there might be opportunity for improvement.

Keep a Finger on the Pulse

Colored “gemstones” in FuseDesk show you at a glance which departments and reps are staying on top of their cases and where help might be needed.

Pair that with our live “Recent Activity” feed and you can see everything happening in your app as it happens.

FuseDesk Recent Activity and Gemstones for Business Owners

Better Insights = Happier Owners

The better you know how your team is doing, the easier you can rest at night knowing your customers are cared for.

Happier Business Owners sleep better, can focus on growth, and spend more time doing what matters most.

The first and only helpdesk you’ll ever need.

Focus on your customers, not your software. Try FuseDesk absolutely free. No credit cards. No time limit. No obligations. You’re going to love FuseDesk, the new way to helpdesk.