Is Your Law Firm Missing Out?

See How Single Shop Law Firms and “Big Dog” Partner Firms are using THE Help Desk Add-On of the Infusionsoft Elite to outmaneuver, outrun and leave their competitors in the dust.

“We absolutely love FuseDesk and client satisfaction is through the roof since we switched to using it from using our previous system. The reporting gets a lot of use internally and FuseDesk is working so well that we require all client communications go through it.”

– Brett Warner, Pew Law Center

“Instantly we were able to track how long it took our sales reps to get to their leads, reduced our response time by 85% and increased our Net Promoter Score by 45%. We know FuseDesk works and we recommend it to absolutely any attorney that we work with.”

– Richard James, legal marketing expert and author of “The DNA of the 7 Figure Law Firm”

FuseDesk Helps Law Firms just like yours.

Convert more of your expensive leads to clients, keep your existing clients engaged and happy, and measure how well your team is doing all in one simple two-screen system.

Convert More Prospects

When a prospect reaches out to your law firm, they typically need an attorney right now and if they don’t hear back right away, they move on to the next firm.

Suggested by one of our attorney clients, our configurable colored “gemstones” on the side of FuseDesk show you at a glance which departments and reps are staying on top of their cases and where help might be needed.

Feedback and Rating System

With FuseDesk’s powerful Feedback and Rating System, we can automatically follow up with your firm’s clients after a support request is resolved to see how well they felt it was handled. Your customers rate the case and optionally leave feedback. Quickly see who on your team needs some kudos and identify where there might be some opportunity for improvement.

Rich Reports Provide Insight

“What Gets Measured Gets Improved” – Peter Drucker

With FuseDesk’s suite of reports, you can easily see how quickly your firm’s client requests are getting assigned, responded to, and resolved. You can track how satisfied your customers are. You can even spot trends between reps or departments.

Reports can even be exported, saved, or added directly into your third party dashboards!

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But don’t just take our word for it…

“I work with attorneys and I’ve been using FuseDesk for over 3 years. We measure our customer service with our clients and the Net Promoter Score. Before FuseDesk, we were getting an average of 5.5 NPS with about 56 hours to get back with a customer on average. After FuseDesk, we time it took to get to a customer from 56 hours down to under 8 hours and our Net Promoter Score went up to over 8. That’s an unbelievable story and it builds referrals and helped build the business.

But better than that, in this business, we had to drive leads on a regular consistent basis and a lot of those leads came to email, but we didn’t know how long it was taking our reps to get a hold of those people.

We put all of those email leads through FuseDesk and instantly we were able to track how long it took our sales reps to get to their leads and we went from a LONG time to a little time because now they knew somebody was measuring it.

Getting in touch with your clients within 1 minute as compared of 30 minutes meant a 392% increase in conversion from one stage to the next.

We know FuseDesk works. We recommend it to absolutely any attorney that we work with and I highly recommend FuseDesk.”

– Richard James, legal marketing expert and author of “The DNA of the 7 Figure Law Firm”

Richard built a living breathing law firm with his own two hands from $0 in gross sales to $3.5 million in just under two and half years and created a step by step system for designing and implementing automated marketing and legal business systems that build your law firm on a foundation of concrete rather than quicksand.

Better Insights = Happier Partners

The better you know your team is doing, the easier you can rest at night knowing your hard earned clients are care for.

Happier Partners sleep better, can focus on growing the firm, and spend more time doing what matters most.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does FuseDesk Integrate with my Practice Management System?

If your PMS allows for API integrations, then YES! With FuseDesk’s rich API, you can easily have any third party system create FuseDesk support tickets, export support ticket data, pull report data, and more.

Is FuseDesk meant to replace my Practice Management System?

FuseDesk handles the client support side of the business, i.e. new business requests, prospect follow up and conversion, and billing related questions, for example. Your Practice Management System is still meant to handle the actual legal work side of the business and wouldn’t be replaced at all!

How does FuseDesk work with Infusionsoft?

FuseDesk was built for, on top of, and around Infusionsoft and integrates deeply. For example, your team logs into FuseDesk using their InfusionsoftID and password, all contact data is linked to Infusionsoft, your team can access Infusionsoft templates, tags, automation, and more! Take a deeper look Inside FuseDesk to learn more.

How much does FuseDesk cost?

FuseDesk is billed per seat and ranges from $59/mo down to $39/mo per seat used. You only need one seat per team member handling cases in FuseDesk, so not everyone in your firm will need a seat.

Check out FuseDesk Plans and Pricing to learn more.

How much does FuseDesk cost to try? Can I get a demo?

FuseDesk is FREE to try with no credit card required and no time limit!