Convert more prospects right on your Leadpages landing pages, sites, and popups using our native live chat.

Adding FuseDesk’s Live Chat to your Leadpages page, sites, and popups can be done easily following our guide below.

Ideally, you’d use Google Tag Manager, but if you’re not, you can add our live chat natively with Leadpages.

Configuring Your Live Chat

The first step is getting your Live Chat setup.

  1. Login to your FuseDesk App and click Chat Settings under Settings
  2. Click the big blue + button to add a new integration
  3. Choose Live Chat
  4. Configure your chat widget and settings

Adding Live Chat to a Leadpages Page

Adding FuseDesk Live Chat to your Leadpages page allows you to have live chat on your page.

  1. Log into Leadpages and then head to the page, site, or pop-up where you want FuseDesk’s live chat.
  2. Click the gear icon to access your Settings
  3. Click to Analytics and then into the Head Section Tracking Code
  4. Paste in your FuseDesk Live Chat embed code
  5. Click the Save button
  6. Publish your page, site, or pop-up