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Adding FuseDesk Live Chat to a CustomerHub Membership Site

Adding FuseDesk's Live Chat for Keap and Infusionsoft to your CustomerHub Membership Site can be done in a few ways. Configuring Your Live Chat The first step is getting your Live Chat setup. Login to your FuseDesk App and click Chat Settings under Settings Click the green Live Chat + button Configure your chat widget [...]

How can I reply to text messages sent into PlusThis?

When a prospect or customer replies to an SMS text message sent through your PlusThis app, you can have that reply come directly into FuseDesk so your team can chat one-on-one. To get started, connect FuseDesk to PlusThis. Then, send a text message into a PlusThis number you linked to FuseDesk. The text messages will [...]

How do I connect FuseDesk to PlusThis?

Ready to link up PlusThis so you can reply to SMS chats right in FuseDesk? Great! Setting up is near instant. To get started, log into PlusThis and then head to your Account Integrations (in PlusThis under Menu, Manage Account) and click Manage next to your Twilio Integration. Find the phone number that you own [...]


Ready to Supercharge Your App with PlusThis? Supercharge your Infusionsoft/Keap app with PlusThis, The #1 Campaign Toolkit for Marketing Automation Users. PlusThis is the ORIGINAL Infusionsoft Add-on library, featuring 50+ add-ons and integrations that help Infusionsoft do many of the things you wished it could. Some of their most popular features include: Broadcast and [...]

Fix Your Funnel (FYF)

Seamlessly integrate text messaging into Infusionsoft for your business. Send Conversation Starting Text Messages from Campaign Builder ALL sales happen in conversations. You want more sales? Have more conversations. Stop pushing people to buy and start engaging them in text message conversations and watch your profits soar! Drop a couple text messages that ask [...]

How can I tell if an SMS Text Message was Delivered?

FuseDesk Chat Messages may be able to show you the delivery status of a message, i.e. if it was sent, delivered, or encountered an error during delivery. Delivery Status is only supported by some platforms and if we have delivery data, we'll show it to you in the chat view. While a message is sending [...]