Live Chat

How do I set my Chat Availability in FuseDesk?

When FuseDesk Live Chat is active, you'll see a Chats tab in your FuseDesk sidebar and a chat icon right under your name at the top of the sidebar. Clicking the chat icon by your name will toggle your availability on and off. When you login to FuseDesk, you'll want to actively toggle yourself as [...]

How can I customize FuseDesk’s Live Chat for Infusionsoft?

FuseDesk's native Live Chat for Infusionsoft allows you to customize the appearance of the chat widget as well as a few other settings. First, make sure you setup a new Live Chat configuration. Then, click into it to customize your chat widget options. Default Chat Department Live Chat Widgets can be linked to a default department [...]

How do I setup FuseDesk Live Chat for Infusionsoft?

Chatting with your Infusionsoft Contacts right on your website is as easy as can be with FuseDesk's native Live Chat for Infusionsoft. To get started: Login to your FuseDesk App and click Chat Settings under Settings Click the green Live Chat + button Configure your chat widget and settings Copy the script and paste it [...]