Creating an API Key in FuseDesk

Ready to integrate your third party app to FuseDesk? The first thing you'll need to do is setup an API Key. You'll need to be an Infusionsoft or FuseDesk admin to manage API Keys. In your FuseDesk app, click into API Keys under Settings. Click on + New Key Add any API Key Name you [...]

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HTML Emails in FuseDesk

FuseDesk Supports clean HTML email both from your customers and back out to your customers. Email HTML is limited to basic formatting like bolding, italicizing, and coloring text; and using simple lists. You can even drag and drop or insert images! Rich HTML is available whether you're replying via email on a case view, from [...]

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Moving Receipts out of FuseDesk receipts (like PayPal receipts, order confirmations, and many other "notification" like emails) aren't support tickets and shouldn't be cluttering up your help desk. To send your receipts somewhere besides FuseDesk: Log into your Merchant Interface at Click User Profile in the main left side menu. Click Edit Profile Information. Change the [...]

How do I search for an Email in FuseDesk?

To search for an unassigned email, head to Unassigned. To search for a trashed email, head to Trash. From either the Unassigned and Trash views, simply start typing the text you're looking for in the Search box to filter your emails and find just the one you're looking for. After you type enough characters, we'll even start to highlight [...]

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How can I view my FuseDesk API Usage?

To view your FuseDesk API Usage, head to the Billing Page under Settings. The Billing Page shows you how much your app has been using the FuseDesk API and provides one click access to richer reporting with more details on API Usage. Each new Seat that you add in FuseDesk increases the number of FuseDesk API [...]

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MasterMind Call: December, 2016

On this month's call, we discussed: Personalized Support Best Practices; NEW! Advanced Automation Rules; NEW! Slack Integration; NEW! Case Tag Management; Strategic Planning for 2017 Note Template Ideas Phone Call Scripts Procedural Checklists Frequently Used Notes (like "Left Voicemail…") Strategic Planning (Free Gift) On this call, our guest speaker Laura Posey, shared best practices [...]

How can I organize my Infusionsoft templates in FuseDesk?

Infusionsoft templates can be easily organized by category right from within FuseDesk's template editor. Template categories allow you and your team to more easily find the template you're looking for and pick from a smaller list when replying to a case. Since you can assign a default template category to each of your departments, each [...]

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Do FuseDesk Reps Need to be Infusionsoft Users?

Every FuseDesk Rep needs to have an Infusionsoft login, specifically an InfusionsoftID with access to your Infusionsoft application. This allows the emails that you reps send in FuseDesk, the notes they add in FuseDesk, and the actions they apply to contacts in FuseDesk to all be linked back to their user account in Infusionsoft and allows for [...]

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Creating New Cases with the FuseDesk WordPress Plugin

Once you've installed FuseDesk's free WordPress plugin, to allow folks to open a new support case, use the [fusedesk_newcase] shortcode on a page. This will display a form to create a new case. [fusedesk_newcase] works perfectly by itself, but also supports the following optional parameters: department: The ID of the department to assign the case [...]

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Notifying Slack from Infusionsoft Campaign Builder

Leverage the power of Infusionsoft automation and the collaboration of Slack by sending notifications from a Campaign Builder sequence in Infusionsoft to a channel or user in Slack with ease. No need for third party add-ons. No need for paid integrations. No need for a paid Slack account. Just connect the two up instantly using a simple HTTP [...]