Importing Email Templates into FuseDesk

If you have created an email template in Infusionsoft / Keap and you'd like to import it into FuseDesk, you can do so easily from the Email Template Editor. Head into Settings, Templates, and then Email Templates. From there, click on the Import button. You'll now see a list of all templates in your CRM [...]


Snippets in FuseDesk allow you to quickly re-use pieces of text in chats, emails, and notes. While an Email Template or Note Template provides a complete email or note respectively, snippets are used for shorter pieces of text, for example, a commonly used URL/link, greeting, or email/chat sign off. Creating a New Snippet To create [...]

Favorites in FuseDesk

FuseDesk allows you to quickly and easily find your favorite case tags, email templates, note templates, Infusionsoft tags, Infusionsoft legacy Action Sets, and more right where you need them most without having to search for or scroll to what you need. Favorites in FuseDesk can be set both at the department level as well as [...]

Leverage Note Templates for New Cases

Leverage the power of Note Templates right in FuseDesk when you're creating a New Case! Simply choose the template you'd like to use from the template selector and we'll instantly load your template and merge in all of the contact merge fields for the contact selected. Common uses of Note Templates for New Cases include [...]

How can I organize my Email Templates in FuseDesk?

Your Email Templates can be easily organized by category right from within FuseDesk's template editor. Template categories allow you and your team to more easily find the template you're looking for and pick from a smaller list when replying to a case. Since you can assign a default template category to each of your departments, [...]

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FuseDesk Departments for Your Brands and Product Lines

If you have multiple product lines or brands within your business, you can setup FuseDesk Departments to keep your cases organized, your team specialized, reporting separate, and branding intact. For product lines, you might have your departments setup as Product Support, Events, and Membership. For brands, you might have a department each for ABC Widgets, [...]

Can I setup individual email addresses for my team members?

By default, emails from FuseDesk come from your team members' name but your support email address, for example "Alice Smith" <[email protected]> so that in your customers' inbox, they see Alice Smith, but the reply goes back to support and into FuseDesk. This setup allows you to centralize all support emails in FuseDesk while maintaining a [...]

The Powered by FuseDesk footer

Emails sent from FuseDesk include a "Powered by FuseDesk" footer by default. If you are a FuseDesk Partner, you can configure this link to use your Partner link and earn a referral thank you on any new accounts originating from your link. Enterprise level accounts have the ability to remove this footer entirely, if you'd prefer not [...]

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Email Automation

With Email Automation, you are able to take your unassigned e-mails that are coming in and run them through some different rules to determine what to do. For example, if you want to filter non-cases (order notifications, GoToMeeting notifications), you likely do not want them to go to cases so you can create email rules to prevent [...]