MasterMind Call: December, 2016

On this month's call, we discussed: Personalized Support Best Practices; NEW! Advanced Automation Rules; NEW! Slack Integration; NEW! Case Tag Management; Strategic Planning for 2017 Note Template Ideas Phone Call Scripts Procedural Checklists Frequently Used Notes (like "Left Voicemail…") Strategic Planning (Free Gift) On this call, our guest speaker Laura Posey, shared best practices [...]

Kaizen and Continuous Never Ending Improvement

Join us for a short walk down Kaizen Road where we'll explore a recent journey we had in rolling out new case queue stats... One of our core values is Kaizen, the practice of Continual, Never Ending, Improvement. When we train customer support teams and managers, we often talk about the reports that matter most being [...]

MasterMind Call: January, 2016

On this month's call we covered: Searching like a Pro, Advanced Case Search, WordPress Plugin Updates, Case Review Best Practices, FuseDesk LIVE, and Your LIVE Q&A! Basic Searches Mentioned during the call were these great examples of searches that you can try from the sidebar: Bob (name starts with Bob) B S (first name starts with B, last with S) [...]

How to Right the Ship

Not every company begins with a laser focus on customer service. Some have added a customer service component in response to growth rather than in anticipation of it. Still others have an aggressive growth strategy that encouraged cost containment via a lack of a full-fledged service department or plan. In these and many other situations, [...]

Don’t Be the Dead End

Photo courtesy of Vaikoovery Have you had this happen to you? You call a company with a need to have a problem rectified. You roll the dice and Representative X takes your case. You explain your situation and Representative X, while being compassionate and understanding, also tells you that her hands are tied and [...]

Not Just a Sweater

As we go through life, we inevitably talk with a lot of people and hear snippets of their life stories. When you work in customer service, you hear these stories as a part of your job, but also tend to be “one of those people that people just start telling their life stories to while [...]