FuseDesk Enterprise Help Desk Pricing is as simple as you’d like… or as custom as you need.

Get a Personalized One-on-One Demo, and your very own Demo App.

FuseDesk Enterprise+ starts at $590/seat/year (or $59/seat/month) and includes all FuseDesk functionality needed for a growing company using Infusionsoft with dedicated sales and support teams and support management.

To qualify, you’ll typically have at least 15 reps between sales, support, and sales/support management.

In addition to all of the normal Enterprise Plan Features, Enterprise+ Customers qualify for additional benefits like Rep Level Permissions, Sales Quotes, Invoicing, Purchase Orders, ACH (e-check) Payments, and more.

Demo Apps allow for unlimited seats*, have no time-limit, and don’t require a credit card.

*A Seat is used for each Rep that needs to log in and for each additional department beyond the first.

“FuseDesk has helped our business not only in customer satisfaction, but in overall growth. We now have more time to focus on the details of the business, resulting in increased profits.

We used to spend hours tracking down correspondence with past clients, and now it only takes a few minutes to view the entire history of a customer’s interaction with our support department, including emails, calls, and notes.

Easy to use reporting shows measurable details including response time, case load, resolution time, and more.

FuseDesk allows for at a glance management of all of our cases, making it extremely simple to stay on top of every case.

If you want top-notch support, FuseDesk is a MUST!!!!!”


Christopher Mulson

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