Your Help Desk and Messaging Platform

FuseDesk was built for Your Business, Your Support Team, and Your Customers. With FuseDesk, it’s easy to get the key insights into how well your team is doing, delightful for the support team to use, and fast for customers to get care.

For Your Business

FuseDesk was built by Entrepreneurs for fellow Business Owners to finally have a support desk linked to their CRM that provided the key metrics and insights so critical to running a business.

With powerful reporting, business owners can see at a glance how the team is doing, how happy customers are, and what needs attention.

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FuseDesk Presence

For Your Support Team

With our LoginSync technology, your Customer Support Team can instantly log into FuseDesk using their CRM credentials. No need to set up users manually in FuseDesk and no new passwords for your team!

As you grow, new reps quickly and easily learn two simple screens in FuseDesk and they’re off and running without needing to learn all the ins and outs of your CRM.

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For Your Customers

Customers can get the help they need with ease. By simply replying back to your outbound emails, auto responders, receipts, and campaign emails, a ticket can be created and your team can resolve the issue. Using our free WordPress plugin, customers can easily open a case directly from your membership site or website.

You can also use our API, CRM web forms, Campaign Builder and more to easily create new tickets. The best part is that your customers don’t need to create an account, “respond above this line”, or “do this, don’t do that.” Your customers ask for help, and your team takes care of them!

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“FuseDesk is the ultimate platform for automating the post sale customer experience for any Infusionsoft user.”


Ryan Deiss

Digital Marketer

The first and only helpdesk you’ll ever need.

Focus on your customers, not your software. Try FuseDesk absolutely free. No credit cards. No time limit. No obligations. You’re going to love FuseDesk, the new way to helpdesk.