Commitment to Excellence

Honoring Select Clients With a Commitment to Excellence

Excellence You Can Trust

At FuseDesk, we Empower Entrepreneurs’ Commitment to Excellence. When you see our Commitment to Excellence badge on a website, you know that the service offered, as rated by customers, is excellent.

Customer Rated

When a case is resolved in FuseDesk, an automatic follow up feedback survey can be sent out to customers. All case ratings come directly from customers to FuseDesk.

4.5+ Stars Required

To be nominated for the FuseDesk Commitment to Excellence award, a business must maintain an average rating of 4.5+ Stars over 6 months.

Data You Can Trust

We independently review business periodically to reassess their Commitment to Excellence badge eligibility and each badge is tied to the most recent year of award.

Featured Excellence Award Recipients

There’s a lot to learn from businesses with a true commitment to Excellence. That’s why at FuseDesk we reach out to our award nominees to interview them and see what we can learn. Check out some of our featured award recipients and our lessons learned.

Prep Dish

FuseDesk client and Prep Dish founder Allison Schaaf sought to keep sacred the dinner hour with healthy meals and less stress. So she devised a system.


FuseDesk client BrainTap has an approach to service that earned them a Commitment to Excellence award, app of the year, and a feature in Fortune.

Concerned Patriot

FuseDesk client Concerned Patriot quite literally cares about your survival and their business model is customer service intensive. How does Lyle handle it?

Delighting Customers Like They’re Humans… Because Customers ARE Humans.

When customers need help, they need help now – from a person.

The last thing a customer wants is to send an email and get an automated bounce or instructions on how to get the support they deserve. Customers want to reach out by email, SMS, live chat, and more and get real help from real people.

FuseDesk enables business to delight their customers with THE Help-Desk and Messaging Platform Add-On for Infusionsoft and Keap.

The Right Feedback at the Right Time

Net Promoter Scores (NPS) surveys, annual surveys, and more are great for finding out how your business is doing, but wouldn’t it be better to ask customers how well your team is caring for them just after they get the help they need?

With FuseDesk’s feedback and rating system, you’ll get the right data (1-5 stars and optional feedback) at the right time (shortly after a case is resolved)

Excellence is Attainable.

Find out how businesses like yours are delighting their customers with FuseDesk, THE integrated Help Desk and Message Platform for Infusionsoft and Keap.

"FuseDesk is awesome and solves huge pain points for my team and clients. I work with several businesses and we use FuseDesk for all of them. It's helped our teams work together and I highly recommend FuseDesk."

– Jarrad Markel