When your customers need support, they want resolution.

Help your customers by replying right back to their emails in FuseDesk without making them login, follow complex instructions, or jump through hoops!

Open a Case by Email

When your customers have a question, they can simply email your support team. Your support email forwards into FuseDesk and a ticket can be either automagically created or created after review by your team. Emails are automatically linked to the right contact in Infusionsoft and stored on the Infusionsoft contact record. Your team can then leverage powerful Infusionsoft email templates to reply back quickly and help your customers with ease and speed.

Open a Case by Phone

When your customers call your support team, your reps can quickly search for the customer right from FuseDesk, and in some cases automatically screen-pop matching contacts based on the caller’s phone number. Your team can then immediately see any cases for the contact or create a new case, if needed. Voicemails and new cases are automatically linked to the right Infusionsoft contact allowing your team to resolve the case faster.

Open a Case from your Site

Your customers can easily create a new support ticket or ask their question right from your website or membership site. Use our free WordPress plugin, Infusionsoft’s Campaign Builder, an Infusionsoft Web Form or our API. Any way you slice it, your customers can simply type their question and open a ticket with ease!

Faster Resolution = Happier Customers

The bottom line is that the faster your team is able to help your customers get taken care of, the happier your customers are.

Happier Customers return and refund less, stick with you longer, and tell more friends about their great experience.