FuseDesk works beautifully with your WordPress site and helps your website visitors easily open new support tickets directly into FuseDesk.

If you are using a supported Membership Site like iMember360, Wishlist, Memberium, or WisP, we’ll even pre-fill in all the members information so they just have to write their question. And… logged in members can view all of their cases, too!

To install our free plugin:

  1. Login to your WordPress admin, and click on Plugins on the left hand navigation
  2. Click Add New Plugin, search for our plugin (called “FuseDesk“), and click Install
  3. Click Activate Plugin

To configure FuseDesk to work with your WordPress install:

  1. Click on Settings on the left hand navitation, and select FuseDesk
  2. If you have a supported membership site activated, your application name will be pre-filled in. Otherwise, type your application name in for the App Name
  3. Click Get API Key
  4. If you’re logged into FuseDesk, you’ll be brought to a page with a new API Key ready to go
  5. Click Create API Key, click Return to your site, and click Save Settings back on the FuseDesk page in WordPress
  6. Choose your default department and optionally default rep for new cases to be assigned
  7. Click Save Settings

To allow customers to create a new support case:

  1. Edit an existing page or create a new contact us page from Add New Page under Pages in WordPress
  2. In the body of the page add our new case shortcode, [fusedesk_newcase]
  3. Click Publish