MasterMind Call: January, 2016

On this month's call we covered: Searching like a Pro, Advanced Case Search, WordPress Plugin Updates, Case Review Best Practices, FuseDesk LIVE, and Your LIVE Q&A! Basic Searches Mentioned during the call were these great examples of searches that you can try from the sidebar: Bob (name starts with Bob) B S (first name starts with B, last with S) [...]

Live Team Collaboration and Presence

Instantly see where your team members are in FuseDesk and what they're up to with our new live in-app presence! Wherever you are in FuseDesk, if a colleague is looking at the same page you are, you'll see their face at the top of the screen. Additionally, if you're looking at a case queue, you'll [...]

Bulk Handling Support Tickets

FuseDesk now supports more Bulk Actions than ever before when working with your help desk cases and support tickets. In addition to bulk changing case status, snoozing cases, and reassigning cases, you can now bulk Email Reply, run Infusionsoft Automation, apply Infusionsoft Tags, and bulk apply FuseDesk Case Tags - all right from your case queues! [...]

Merging and Splitting Cases

If you've ever had two cases that you wanted to merge or a case that you wanted to split, now you can with our newly released Case Merging and Case Splitting! FuseDesk automatically keeps your conversations on thread so all of your email exchanges about a topic stay together, but sometimes a customer emails in [...]

Requesting Feedback from your Customers

Ever wanted to find out how well you and your team are doing from your customers point of view? Now you can! Your customers can rate the level of customer support they receive with 1-5 stars and even leave feedback via our newly released Ratings and Feedback system. Hop into our newly updated Department editor [...]

Email Template Editor added to FuseDesk for Infusionsoft

Now when you need to create a new email template or edit an existing template, you can stay right inside of FuseDesk instead of switching to Infusionsoft to manage your support templates. The newly released Email Template Editor helps new FuseDesk customers to easily create their first default reply template, clone existing templates, or edit [...]

FuseDesk API Released – Integrate Away!

We’re live here at InfusionCon 2013 in Socttsdale, AZ and excited to announce the public release of the FuseDesk API which allows you to integrate FuseDesk with third party systems to view live data such as cases, unassigned emails, support reps and more as well as create new cases. With the newly released FuseDesk API, [...]