Now when you need to create a new email template or edit an existing template, you can stay right inside of FuseDesk instead of switching to Infusionsoft to manage your support templates.

The newly released Email Template Editor helps new FuseDesk customers to easily create their first default reply template, clone existing templates, or edit in-use templates.

Email templates allow your support team to more effectively handle incoming support requests with ease by tackling the most frequently asked questions. Support teams can quickly respond to customers who lost their password, are looking for a webinar replay, want to return a product, are ready to purchase your products, want to upgrade their membership, need to cancel their continuity program, need help with their purchases and more.

FuseDesk leverages the full power of Infusionsoft email templates meaning that you can use merge fields in your templates like FirstName, LastName, Email and other basic fields – and even custom merge fields that you’ve setup in your Infusionsoft app, such as a membership site password. You can also leverage automation links so you can track when a contact clicks a link and start automation when they click the link such as applying tags, starting follow up campaigns, creating opportunities and more.

To access the new Template Editor, click on Preferences on the left hand side of your FuseDesk application, and then click on Templates.