Ever wished that you could route your emails based on a contact’s Infusionsoft tags? Well now you can!

Within the Email Rules editor, you can now create a condition based on Infusionsoft tags. First, we’ll look for the contact in Infusionsoft, and if we find them, we’ll check their tags against the tags you specify and then run the automation you select.

Now you can send email from your VIP Members directly to your VIP support team; you can send emails from paid customers to your Support team; you can filter emails from Platinum Students to one department; you could even send support emails from past-due customers directly to the billing team; the opportunities are endless!

Check out the short video above to see how easy it is to create new rules based on Infusionsoft Tags.

How do you plan to use this new email automation in your FuseDesk app? Let us know below!