FuseDesk APIWe’re live here at InfusionCon 2013 in Socttsdale, AZ and excited to announce the public release of the FuseDesk API which allows you to integrate FuseDesk with third party systems to view live data such as cases, unassigned emails, support reps and more as well as create new cases.

With the newly released FuseDesk API, you can integrate FuseDesk into your own proprietary systems and dashboards to allow customers to view their own cases and even, for example, setup automation to create cases via an Infusionsoft Action Set or Campaign.

The FuseDesk API utilizes individual-use FuseDesk API keys so you can set permissions on a key by key basis. This level of security means that you can create a key for each app that you link into FuseDesk and activate only the needed permissions. For example, one key can be used on your membership site where you just want to create new cases and nothing more, another key can be setup for your own integration that you just want to be able to view reps and departments, and another key can be used for a secondary membership site where you want to allow full access to viewing and creating cases. If needed, you can then disable individual keys without affecting any other applications using the FuseDesk API.

With your approval, third-party apps can request keys directly from your FuseDesk application pre-configured to the level of access they need.

This now means that third-party applications, like FuseMogul’s newly released iPhone app for Infusionsoft, iMember360 membership site plugin for WordPress, Zapier to automate tasks between other online services, and more can integrate to FuseDesk and access a contact’s case history or create new cases with ease.

To read more about the API and get started today, view the FuseDesk API docs.