If you’ve ever had two cases that you wanted to merge or a case that you wanted to split, now you can with our newly released Case Merging and Case Splitting!

FuseDesk automatically keeps your conversations on thread so all of your email exchanges about a topic stay together, but sometimes a customer emails in with a completely new email about the same issue. You’ve always been able to attach that Unassigned Email to an existing case with just two clicks, but now it’s even better; If you have two or more cases, you can simply choose Merge while viewing one case and merge two existing already opened cases together!

What about when a customer responds back to an existing case and changes the topic to a new issue or responds to an old case about something new? Now, while viewing the case, simply click on Split to split the existing case at the new topic and create a new ticket for the new issue!

Both Merging and Splitting allow you to keep your cases clean, organized and on topic, and the more organized your cases, the happier your team is and the more accurate your case stats!