On this month’s call we covered: Searching like a Pro, Advanced Case Search, WordPress Plugin Updates, Case Review Best Practices, FuseDesk LIVE, and Your LIVE Q&A!


Basic Searches

Mentioned during the call were these great examples of searches that you can try from the sidebar:

  • Bob (name starts with Bob)
  • B S (first name starts with B, last with S)
  • * smith (last name starts with smith)
  • bob*@* (partial email search)
  • 5085551212 (phone search)
  • * * *law* (company name search)
  • 2T8XT5LA (case number search)
  • logging in (case text search)

FuseDesk LIVE!

We also unveiled FuseDesk LIVE coming up in March! Register today to take advantage of Early Bird Registration!