MasterMind Call: December, 2016

On this month's call, we discussed: Personalized Support Best Practices; NEW! Advanced Automation Rules; NEW! Slack Integration; NEW! Case Tag Management; Strategic Planning for 2017 Note Template Ideas Phone Call Scripts Procedural Checklists Frequently Used Notes (like "Left Voicemail…") Strategic Planning (Free Gift) On this call, our guest speaker Laura Posey, shared best practices [...]

MasterMind Call: January, 2016

On this month's call we covered: Searching like a Pro, Advanced Case Search, WordPress Plugin Updates, Case Review Best Practices, FuseDesk LIVE, and Your LIVE Q&A! Basic Searches Mentioned during the call were these great examples of searches that you can try from the sidebar: Bob (name starts with Bob) B S (first name starts with B, last with S) [...]

In the News: WestJet

While we all are growing tired of the sweltering summer temperatures, let's take a break from the heat Photo courtesy of Daniel Ramirez and enjoy a story of snowy holiday delight. A few Christmases ago, the airline company WestJet set out to make the holiday dreams of its passengers come true. By gathering together [...]

Appointment Automation – Appointment Core

Appointment Automation can be a life saver! Scheduling appoints that fit the schedule of an employee and client can be very time consuming. Emails can be exchanged multiple times before a time can be scheduled and often that appointment slot may be taken. We now work with Appointment core, which you can now integrate appointment core with FuseDesk. [...]

Email Automation

With Email Automation, you are able to take your unassigned e-mails that are coming in and run them through some different rules to determine what to do. For example, if you want to filter non-cases (order notifications, GoToMeeting notifications), you likely do not want them to go to cases so you can create email rules to prevent [...]

MasterMind Call: May, 2014

On this month's call we covered: Mastering Inbound Email Automation; Leveraging the Power of Departments; Inbound HTML Only Emails; Forwarding Emails into FuseDesk; and Automating Appointment Scheduling. * This is available in HD. After you click play, click the gear icon at the bottom of the player and choose HD. Kick it up a notch [...]