Using the feedback in FuseDesk will allow you to find out how well your support teams are handling cases in real-time or over time.

Let’s configure your feedback settings:

  1. In FuseDesk, go to Preferences, then Departments.
  2. Ratings and Feedback will be at the bottom
  3. Configure feedback settings by department.
    1. Feedback Delay – How long after your support rep responded will the feedback be requested.
    2. Sample Set – The percent of cases to sample based on your volume.
    3. Feedback Template – Use the default or customize your own.

Should you want to customize your own template:

  1. Click New.
  2. Enter the name and support email for your company, click Create Feedback Template.
  3. Draft the message and included merge fields.**
  4. Save and Name it.

**If you use an external system for feedback, while drafting your template insert the link to your own external survey system.

Within FuseDesk we have ample reports to utilize as well. Here are the two most frequently used for feedback:

  1. In Reports.
    1. Feedback Ratings: The gold line reflects the number of stars given. The blue line is the number of cases rated.
    2. Feedback Details:  Here you will see the customer feedback verbatim; you can click right into the case to view the entire history.

For more details, this was covered in depth as a part of our March 2014, Mastermind Call.