What’s Your Service Style?

We have all heard the stories of excellent service from Zappos or Nordstrom, so it is only natural to want to take a page from their books and model our own corporate culture or service delivery after theirs.  But first we need to evaluate our own customer base and whether or not our customers desire [...]

Leading vs Listening – What the Customer Wants

When are people in charge of their lives and experiences?  Chances are, not very often.  So they seek to feel in control of their experiences and certainty in their knowledge of things in small areas, like their transactions with companies.  For as many times as those in customer service have heard "the customer is always [...]

Common Barriers to Improvement

When a company comes to the realization that it's strayed from its core values or desired customer experience, it often results in a new push for its employees to reconnect with customers and to provide better service.  This sounds simple enough, but why is it so hard for this approach to succeed?  Common missteps in [...]

3 Happy Customer Themes

In tales of happy customer service experiences, there are common themes.  Let's take a look at a sample of stories shared to Reddit by customers about noteworthy experiences they've had. Michael-Bell shared a story about an experience with tech support.  Rather than proving to be a frustrating, drawn out experience, he was delighted by the [...]

Who Has Time for That?

Customers don't have time to waste. Efficiency is key. News article after news article talks about the diminished amount of time the average American has these days.  It's a pervasive problem that squeezes every single corner of their lives, so the last thing a customer wants to do is invest time they already [...]

Loyalty – It’s a Two Way Street

When we're speaking about business, if you ask people to fill in the blank of ______ loyalty, they'll say "Customer Loyalty" nine times out of ten.  But what's even more important is a company's loyalty, as it is a necessity in order to build an organization worthy of its customers' loyalty. Image by Nick [...]

There’s No Time Like the Present for Service

It's 9:00pm, you want to get into your new high tech bed and enjoy a night of blissful sleep.  But, alas, your new purchase isn't working properly and you can't troubleshoot it on your own, so you decide to turn to the company for help.  You then find that they don't staff customer service outside [...]

Valuing Public Relations

Given the current news cycle with United Airlines, it seems apropos to revisit the topic of customer relationships and crisis management.  Our companies are unlikely to be as large or newsworthy as United Airlines, but any and all companies are at risk for customer-facing events that can quickly snowball into public relations disasters if not [...]