Finding, adding, editing, and deleting Contacts in FuseDesk is a breeze!

Finding and Editing Contacts

From the Contacts page, simply search for the contact you’d like to find using the search bar up top.

The search results will show you matching contacts.

As you mouse over each row you’ll see three action icons on the right hand side.

Click the External Link icon to open the contact in Infusionsoft.

Click the Case icon to view the contact’s FuseDesk Cases.

Click the Plus button to create a new case for the contact.

Click anywhere else in the row to open the contact record in our native contact editor.

When you’re done making edits, click the green Save button.

All changes you make get saved directly into both FuseDesk and Infusionsoft.

FuseDesk Contact Editor

Deleting Contacts

If you’re an admin, you’ll also have the option to Delete a Contact.

Click the red Delete button and confirm the deletion.

Deleting a contact soft deletes in FuseDesk and deletes in Infusionsoft. Deleting a contact does not delete any of their cases or case history.

Adding a New Contact

Want to easily add a new contact in FuseDesk and Infusionsoft? Easy!

Click the Green Plus button to add a new contact and then click Save.

Your new Contact is saved directly into both FuseDesk and Infusionsoft.

You can then create a new case for them in FuseDesk, run Infusionsoft Automation, and more!