In tales of happy customer service experiences, there are common themes.  Let’s take a look at a sample of stories shared to Reddit by customers about noteworthy experiences they’ve had.

Michael-Bell shared a story about an experience with tech support.  Rather than proving to be a frustrating, drawn out experience, he was delighted by the kindness, ease, and swiftness of it.  He contacted them to see about perhaps getting a $13 refund on a purchase since he could no

Image by Seanbjack

longer use a Microsoft product.  “3 minutes later, he’s remote logged into my computer and I have a new code for Office Professional Plus 2016 that won’t expire, and is mine forever. Didn’t have to complain, beg, or cajole. Just did it, no questions asked. Seriously, that’s a $400 product for $13.”

Another user, Kermitatwork, shared an email following a contact he had with Apple regarding their store.  He had simply thanked them for their help in the matter, but received a heartfelt acknowledgement in response.  Their kindness stood out, “Customers like you are the reason why we strive [to] do the best at our jobs…”.  Injecting some humanity into the interaction took the experience over the top for him.

Penelope587 had a bit of a forgetful moment after starting a trial of an Amazon service, then forgetting to discontinue service before charges started coming.  She contacted Amazon to turn the service off, but was instead met with kindness, ease, and swiftness.  Rather than simply discontinuing her service, the representative refunded every monthly charge she had racked up. “It was completely my fault and they just did this. Amazon made my day!”

All customers want to experience great customer service, but very few expect to actually experience it.  They assume it will be a drawn out, annoying process.  Greeting them instead with simple, quick, friendly solutions is exactly the way to solidify our relationships with them and cement our companies as truly caring about them.  Think back on the past few weeks of customer interactions.  What have you done to proactively deliver great customer experiences like these?  Are there steps you can easily take over the next few weeks to create them or provide more of them?  Why or why not?