Who Has Time for That?

Customers don't have time to waste. Efficiency is key. News article after news article talks about the diminished amount of time the average American has these days.  It's a pervasive problem that squeezes every single corner of their lives, so the last thing a customer wants to do is invest time they already [...]

A Service Comparison

Customers patronize many different companies, some small, some large.  But customers do not differentiate between them when comparing their experiences as customers: every company is measured against the performance of all the rest.  This means it is especially important for us to not only compete against our marketplace competitors, because every industry is our competitor [...]

How Heidi Does Service

In customer service stories, we often hear about exceptional circumstances that compel a representative to provide service far out of the norm.  But, like we've frequently discussed, quality service has to be consistently pursued day in and day out.  Heidi, who works for the grocer Trader Joe's, shared her approach to ensuring a constant delivery [...]

Service Stories That Will Make You Smile

A lot of stories about great customer service focus on grand gestures, but it is the sustained, day to day delivery of good deeds that make a company's service reputation excellent.  We asked people this week to share an excellent experience they have had or heard about and these are the simple but lovely responses [...]

When Working For a Company Means Working For the Customer

There are very few positions in business that are as counter intuitively aligned as customer service.  We may be employed by the company, but our primary focus must be on taking care of the customer.  We are akin to serving as ombudsmen and our duty is to protect the interests of our customers so that [...]

Case Study: A $12 Mistake

Suzanne has been a customer of a certain company for six years. She's loyally purchased from them time and again and has encouraged friends to buy from them as well (and they have, she has the referral rewards to prove it!). So when Suzanne recently made yet another purchase from them, she had no reservations. [...]

I Stepped into Customer Service and Here’s What Happened

As our businesses grow, our attention gets pulled to new areas. Company growth, product offerings, partnerships, behind the scenes housekeeping... it all eats into the time we originally spent on the front lines, interacting with our customers, solving their problems, and answering their questions. I recently realized how very long it had been since I [...]

Moving in the Right Direction

Image credit: RM Media Ltd. A seamless customer service experience is not simply born overnight. It is something that is continually worked on, forever moving us closer to excellence. We asked business owners and customer service representatives about what ways they have changed their customer service approaches in order to improve their interactions [...]

Just a Stamp – Small Ways to Wow Your Customers

For Ashley, a single stamp turned her day around. A lot of stories about outstanding customer service involve companies going well beyond their ordinary duties to make their customers happy, and often involve a substantial monetary investment to do so. However, it needn't cost much to make our customers feel that we truly [...]