When Compassion is all You Need

“A journey is best measured in friends, rather than miles.” – Tim Cahill Maria crisscrosses the country on a regular basis for her work. It's an existence that comes with all of the normal trials and tribulations of travel, things that an experienced traveler lets roll off her back. But on a recent trip, Maria [...]

Find Your Service Identity to Succeed

A brand is the way a business is personified in the minds of consumers. - Melissa Bolton When your team first set out to develop your company's brand, you may have invested a lot of time in what a customer actually sees: website design, logos, taglines, colors...  When you ask a customer about what he [...]

Customers Setting the Standard: Lost Empire Herbs

Given the ease with which FuseDesk integrates a customer service platform into Infusionsoft, it’s no surprise that FuseDesk customers are knocking it out of the park in the customer service arena. Today we’re focusing on Logan Christopher, part of the trio behind Lost Empire Herbs, and his experience both as a business owner and as [...]

The Making of a Service Representative

Did you begin your professional life with plans to enter the customer service arena or did you arrive here after gaining experience in other career paths? What was it about customer service that attracted you and what keeps you here? Robert always thought that he wanted to be in sales, so when he finished college, [...]

I.C.E. Keytags: A Company With Purpose

Tom Force with I.C.E. Keytags is the "Best in Class" winner for ‪2014. Tom’s company is amazing in the first place, because his I.C.E. Keytags help inform loved ones and next of kin instantaneously when there’s a medical emergency. His inspiration came from a really powerful personal experience. In January 2010, Tom’s seventy-four-year-old mom was [...]

Introduction to FuseDesk

How are Infusionsoft customers taking care of customer support ticketing and tracking? By using FuseDesk, of course. But what is FuseDesk? Find out in this 10 minute video exactly what FuseDesk does and how it can help you, too.