Given the ease with which FuseDesk integrates a customer service platform into Infusionsoft, it’s no SMHsurprise that FuseDesk customers are knocking it out of the park in the customer service arena. Today we’re focusing on Logan Christopher, part of the trio behind Lost Empire Herbs, and his experience both as a business owner and as a FuseDesk customer.

Logan knew for a long time that he wanted to be a business owner of some sort. He tried several different ventures before finding his calling in personal health and fitness and began two successful companies in that arena. He attributes much of his success to focusing corporate values on The Golden Rule: treat others as you want to be treated, and as an extension of that, to react to customers as people rather than solely as profit drivers. With this focus, his team strives to stand out from their competitors by being more accessible, more responsive, and more focused on the customer experience. It’s a focus that has paid off in spades as Lost Empire Herbs has continued to enjoy both healthy sales growth and rock solid customer feedback.

In its infancy, Lost Empire Herbs implemented customer service the way so many businesses do: via individual emails. However, as the customer base grew, it became increasingly difficult to keep track of cases and more time consuming to organize case information. Seeking a solution, FuseDesk was the obvious answer both for its seamless integration with Infusionsoft and its ease of use. The Lost Empire Herbs service team really enjoys the time savings of FuseDesk’s case automation and the ability to consistently track cases to completion. Logan remarked that they have not experienced a single lost case since converting to FuseDesk. He also feels that being able to provide this consistently high level of customer service has helped fuel Lost Empire Herbs’ growth and will scale with the company as it continues to grow.

As a business owner, Logan lists the analytics and reporting of FuseDesk as his favorite feature. He finds the ability to keep track of customer service performance and quality an invaluable tool, especially when his day to day role within the company might demand his time in other aspects of the business. He has also found the reports that FuseDesk generates to be an excellent way to help build consumer confidence by directly displaying the results of their customer surveys on their dedicated customer service webpage and linking to this page from every page on their site. Logan believes that having these tangible, accessible reports available to his customers is worth their weight in gold for an e-commerce business. Head over to Lost Empire Herbs to see how the FuseDesk reports have been integrated into the website and read a bit of what their happy customers have been saying about the company.

Congratulations to Logan and the rest of the Lost Empire Herbs team for setting the standard for customer service!