Automatically Ignored Emails in FuseDesk

To help you focus on actual emails from real prospects and customers, we have a number of built in automatic filters in FuseDesk to detect and ignore auto-responders, auto-generated emails, and out of office like emails. Any emails that look like these kind of automated emails will be discarded into the Trash for you. Specifically, [...]

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HTML Emails in FuseDesk

FuseDesk Supports clean HTML email both from your customers and back out to your customers. Email HTML is limited to basic formatting like bolding, italicizing, and coloring text; and using simple lists. You can even drag and drop or insert images! Rich HTML is available whether you're replying via email on a case view, from [...]

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Moving Receipts out of FuseDesk receipts (like PayPal receipts, order confirmations, and many other "notification" like emails) aren't support tickets and shouldn't be cluttering up your help desk. To send your receipts somewhere besides FuseDesk: Log into your Merchant Interface at Click User Profile in the main left side menu. Click Edit Profile Information. Change the [...]

How do I search for an Email in FuseDesk?

To search for an unassigned email, head to Unassigned. To search for a trashed email, head to Trash. From either the Unassigned and Trash views, simply start typing the text you're looking for in the Search box to filter your emails and find just the one you're looking for. After you type enough characters, we'll even start to highlight [...]

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How do the latest DMARC changes affecting Infusionsoft impact FuseDesk?

Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail and many other email providers have recently changed their DMARC settings so that only they can send mail from their domain names. This change prevents Infusionsoft users from sending email through any of these domains: @gmail, @hotmail, @yahoo, @aol, @outlook, @live, @msn. You can no longer send FROM these addresses in Infusionsoft or [...]

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Email Automation

With Email Automation, you are able to take your unassigned e-mails that are coming in and run them through some different rules to determine what to do. For example, if you want to filter non-cases (order notifications, GoToMeeting notifications), you likely do not want them to go to cases so you can create email rules to prevent [...]

What are some Best Practice uses for Email Templates?

Best practice sharing is an important part of capitalizing on better customer care while creating efficient support staff. It is likely that 80% of support questions you receive are repeat or commonly asked questions.  First, generate a list of the top 10-20 frequently asked questions.  Then, create a well written template to address each question. [...]