Want to send a scheduled email later with a delayed email reply? It’s easy to do right from a case in FuseDesk!

Click on the Reply tab to reply by email. Choose a template if you like. And compose your email reply.

Then, instead of clicking to send now, click the dropdown arrow on the Send button a choose a future time to send your email!

Choosing a time for a Scheduled Email to send on a FuseDesk support ticket

By default, you can send in one hour, the next day at the same time, the next business day at the same time, or you can select a time.

To send at the time of your choosing, click on Select a Time and then choose a custom date and a time of day.

Once an email has been scheduled, you’ll see it in the case history just like any other email.

The case will then be automatically snoozed until that date.

Rescheduling an Email Reply

After you’ve scheduled an email to be sent, if you want to change when to send it, simply click the Reschedule button and choose a new date and time.

Updated a Scheduled Email in FuseDesk with Reschedule, Send Now, or Cancel

Send a Scheduled Email Reply Now

If you’d like to just send your email reply now, click the dropdown menu on the Reschedule button and choose Send Now to send the email immediately.

Canceling a Scheduled Reply

If you no longer need to send your email reply, click the dropdown menu on the Reschedule button and choose Cancel.

You’ll have to confirm the cancellation which will then delete the scheduled email.