Have you ever just wanted to send a quick email to a prospect or customer without first creating a new case?

In FuseDesk, simply click on New and then choose Email! Write your email, click Send and you’re done!

A new case will be automagically created for you from the email that you sent. This way, when your contact replies to you, or you take further action on the case, everything stays right in the case history.

When writing your new email you can even leverage your powerful FuseDesk Email Templates! This will allow you to personalize your emails and get to your next case faster!

You can even drag and drop file attachments, images, and more right into your email!

Emailing a new contact for the first time? No problem! Simply type their email address in to To line and you’ll be able to create a new contact with ease.

Cases created from new emails are by default assigned for you as open cases. If you’d like to re-assign the case or change the status, you can do this easily from the Case View.