Can I Communicate with Vendors and Third Parties on Cases?

Many times questions come in from customers that require another question to the vendor or third party.  Good news! You can communicate right from FuseDesk, while keeping all contact coordinated and aligned under one case. First, you will want to create a new template for communication to the vendor: In Infusionsoft (manage email templates) or [...]

How does Infusionsoft shutting down my emailing ability affect my FuseDesk account?

If your emailing capabilities have been shut down by Infusionsoft  that means that while we can still attach notes and inbound emails to a contact’s record, we will no longer be able to send outbound emails via your Infusionsoft account. The Infusionsoft system will tell your FuseDesk app that the mail has been sent, when in fact, it [...]

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Why are emails sent out via Infusionsoft?

All of your outbound emails are sent through Infusionsoft for a few important reasons. Firstly, this allows us to attach the email to a contact’s record and keep the email in the contact record’s history. Secondly, for spam compliance reasons, we’re able to centralize and leverage Infusionsoft’s already built in system of managing your opt [...]

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