Would it be cool if you could promote an upcoming event, provide social media links, customer support hours while having one place to manage footer?  Well, you can!

Infusionsoft requires opt out link on all email templates for spam compliance. The following steps will show how to modify the default link for centralized universal control of promotions and footers:

  1. Go to Infusionsoft templates, select any template.
  2. Click the Merge button, then Links in the dropdown.
  3. A Links pop up will appear.  Go to Update/Opt Out Links.
  4. Click Create Update/Opt Out.
  5. Name it.
  6. Type should equal opt out.
  7. In Link Blurb text box insert specials or promos you want to highlight and the opt out blurb.
  8. Save and close.
  9. Click Insert from the Update/Opt Out link box.
  10. Edit anytime as promos and specials change.
  11. Save template.

Now, once the link blurb is established you can build additional templates using the Template Editor that will all have the same universal footer with the opt out message.

For more details, this was covered in depth as a part of our April 2013, Mastermind Call.