Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail and many other email providers have recently changed their DMARC settings so that only they can send mail from their domain names.

This change prevents Infusionsoft users from sending email through any of these domains: @gmail, @hotmail, @yahoo, @aol, @outlook, @live, @msn.

You can no longer send FROM these addresses in Infusionsoft or in turn from FuseDesk, but you can still send TO these addresses. If your customers have a gmail address, for example, neither you nor they will not be impacted.

This change will not impact you if your emails come from your email addresses, like [email protected], [email protected], etc…

If for some reason you are emailing FROM a domain that you don’t actually control… you should get your own branded domain name.

Want to learn more about these changes? Check out “DMARC Policy Changes Will Impact Your Email Deliverability” from Infusionsoft.