If you want to send an email acknowledgment, automated email reply, or a autoresponse to incoming emails, there are a few ways you can set this up.

In general, it’s best that your team takes the case and simply replies to the customer to help resolve the issue, but in some cases, for example during a launch or when short staffed, you’ll want an autoreply in place.

The best way to setup an auto-response is at your email server level so any email coming into a certain address gets an automatic reply in addition to being forwarding into FuseDesk. Ask your email server administrator to add in an automatic email reply for you on the email server so inbound emails are automatically replied to.

An alternative way of setting up an autoresponder is directly within FuseDesk via the Email Rules. Simply create a rule that applies to all incoming emails (leave the criteria empty) and has three actions:

  1. Assign the case to a department and optionally a rep
  2. Automatically send an email reply template
  3. Continue processing rules

Enable the rule and make sure to place it after any rules that Ignore the email and before any other rules. Your rule will look something like this:


Now, anytime an incoming email comes into Unassigned, it will be assigned to the right department, and if the contact is known, they’ll be sent an automatic reply, and either way additional rules will be processed!