If your emailing capabilities have been shut down by Infusionsoft  that means that while we can still attach notes and inbound emails to a contact’s record, we will no longer be able to send outbound emails via your Infusionsoft account.

The Infusionsoft system will tell your FuseDesk app that the mail has been sent, when in fact, it will be dropped by their outbound email servers until you resolve your email compliance issues with Infusionsoft directly.

We have no way of checking if your account has been shut down, and the only way for you to know is either by received an email from Infusionsoft about the shutdown (usually sent to the primary account contact) or by seeing a message saying you can’t send broadcast emails inside of Infusionsoft when you try and do so.

This is often only the result of you sending what Infusionsoft believes to be spam via their system and is typically caused by a broadcast email that got high spam complaints.

Once you’re able to send again, you’ll be able to send reply emails via FuseDesk, too!