To help you focus on actual emails from real prospects and customers, we have a number of built in automatic filters in FuseDesk to detect and ignore auto-responders, auto-generated emails, and out of office like emails.

Any emails that look like these kind of automated emails will be discarded into the Trash for you.

Specifically, we look for any one of the following:

  • Out of Office(“OOO”), email verification, and autoresponder like language in the subject of the email
  • Internally generated FuseDesk Notifications
  • An X-Autorespond email header
  • An X-Autoresponder email header
  • An X-Autoreply email header set to Yes
  • An Auto-Submitted email header that starts with Auto-

If your email forwarding isn’t setup correctly, it’s possible that your email hosting provider is adding in one of the above headers when they shouldn’t be. If any of the above headers are getting set, adjust your forwarding such that those headers won’t trigger  automated email detection.