With Campaign Builder you can create and open cases via an HTTP post that will feed right into FuseDesk.

Just follow these steps:

  1. In Campaign Builder, create a new campaign, name and save it.
  2. You can add a Welcome email, Apply tags, etc.
  3. Then, grab HTTP Post under Process.
  4. In Post URL enter https://YOURAPPNAME.fusedesk.com/api/v1/cases
  5. Under Name/Values pairs, add new lines by clicking the plus icon and enter the following:
    1. apikey: Your FuseDesk API key
    2. contactid: ~Contact.Id~
    3. openedby: ~Contact.FirstName~ ~Contact.LastName~
    4. depid: the ID of the department you want to assign this case to
    5. repid: the UserID of the rep you want to assign the case to (optional)
    6. summary: the summary of the case. Select desired merge fields you want to see in the case.
  6. Change status from Draft to Ready.
  7. Publish!

Ninja Trick! Title the subject line of the email the same as the Summary action set in Name/Values.  Why? This links them under the same case, so when the customer replies it will go into the existing case, keeping everything threaded in one case.

For more details, this was covered in depth as a part of our March 2014, Mastermind Call.