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Disconnecting FuseDesk from your CRM

If you have changed CRMs or are simply no longer using your CRM, you can easily disconnect FuseDesk from existing CRM. To disconnect FuseDesk from your CRM, login to FuseDesk as an admin and head to App Options under Settings. Scroll down to CRM and click the red Disconnect CRM button. Depending on your CRM, [...]

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Connecting FuseDesk to Infusionsoft by Keap

Infusionsoft by Keap users can easily connect FuseDesk to leverage our powerful deep CRM integrations. Connecting Infusionsoft by Keap during Setup If you're setting up your FuseDesk app for the first time, simply click "Connect to a CRM" from sidebar under App Setup. Connecting Infusionsoft by Keap after Onboarding If you have already completed your [...]

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Notifying Slack from Infusionsoft Campaign Builder

Leverage the power of Infusionsoft automation and the collaboration of Slack by sending notifications from a Campaign Builder sequence in Infusionsoft to a channel or user in Slack with ease. No need for third party add-ons. No need for paid integrations. No need for a paid Slack account. Just connect the two up instantly using a simple HTTP [...]